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post-contemporary ancient art

multidimensional-multi-sensorial exponential art Intentions vibrational artwork

mirror to our Being of Bounty, Bliss and Beauty

Deepening Breath Barometer

focusing and centering device

map of the magnetic field of the heart and the human Being


celebration of life and its miracle

What are the colors and textures of
Wonder? Faith? Love? Joy? Bliss? Laughter? Trust? Stability? Safety? …
Sparkles? Surprising Connections? Unexpected Associations?
What about the Invisible plane from which everything is possible?

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Vibrational Realm

« Anne-Françoise Potterat’s images radiate, attract and entrance. Like the art of shamans around the world, they reveal  a vibrational realm that manifests beauty, and that assuages in subtle ways. These images are objects that one sees, yet they give access to the invisible — making  them paradoxical passages and sources of knowledge. »

by Jeremy Narby, anthropologist, writer ( click The Cosmic Serpent,1995)
Doors of Consciousness

Each kaleidoscopic mandala is harmoniously conceived in accord with some of the great ancestral and energy medicines that take into consideration the human being in space, the space in human being, the cosmic agreements, and the different elements of the universe based on some of the principles of the Tibetan, Chinese, Shamanic and Universal Schools.

The deep profound goal of each kaleidoscopic mandala is to access different levels of consciousness thus freeing the subtle healing mechanism of body and soul. A kaleidoscopic mandala can therefore have a direct action on the physical dimension as well as the psychic, emotional and spiritual equilibrium of our being.

The balance between the projected informations on the brain and the ones received by the body allows access to another vibrational plane, clear of mental chatter, where self-healing takes place.

by Cornélia Jeannerat-Holst, réflexologist, naturopath