What are the colors of Wonder ?
Surprising Associations ?
Dreams coming True ?
Energy Fields ?
Imagination ?
Harmony ?

Welcome to the World of KaleiStars, embark on a visual exploration

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“Anne-Françoise Potterat’s images radiate, attract and entrance. Like the art of shamans around the world, they reveal  a vibrational realm that manifests beauty, and that assuages in subtle ways. These images are objects that one sees, yet they give access to the invisible — making  them paradoxical passages and sources of knowledge.”
by Jeremy Narby, anthropologist, writer (The Cosmic Serpent,1995)

Anne-Françoise Potterat is an artist since always and an enthusiast for the mystery of life. She holds degrees in Biochemistry, Fine Arts, yoga and Reiki. Parallel to her career as an artist, continue reading

Birth of  The KaleiStars, a visual trajectory
Before moving to Iran in 1992, I studied Biochemistry at Barnard College and went to Medical School for a few months soon realizing it was not satisfying my inner calling, continue reading