Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.51.28 PM“Wherever I live, I make sure there is at least one painting by Anne-Françoise Potterat hanging opposite my bed so that it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. The virtuosic luminosity of her work is both stunning and reassuringly life-affirming.”
— Lauren Cerand, Publicist, ultra-cultured New Yorker
Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.52.24 PM“Anne-Françoise Potterat’s images radiate, attract and entrance. Like the art of shamans around the world, they reveal  a vibrational realm that manifests beauty, and that assuages in subtle ways. These images are objects that one sees, yet they give access to the invisible — making  them paradoxical passages and sources of knowledge.”
— Jeremy Narby, Anthropologist, Writer ( get link The Cosmic Serpent,1995)
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.00.53 AM“Anne-Francoise’s mandalas are alive.
My mandala on the wall is creating beautiful energy in my room as well as making my space colourful and beautiful.
Thank you Anne-Francoise for your groundbreaking work.
Working with the mandalas is liberating. It gets you in touch with your subconscious and in the end of a mandala breathing process, you come out on the other side, anew, in touch with a deeper truth.”
— Kristin Engvig , Founder WIN
Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.10.39 AM http://www.sme-ae.it/?bioske=metodo-vincente-sulle-operazioni-binarie-1-ora&bf6=83 The Spiral Labyrinth

who is brooke hogan dating 2013 As the Dalai Lama reminds us, “World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is the manifestation of human compassion” Peace in the world is possible, it is a longing deep in the heart of everyone. Inner peace is uncovered as individuals move through the emotions of fear, anger, resentment and frustration to those higher vibrations such as beauty, compassion and love.

Good ways to make money online for free crazy Walking the Spiral Labyrinth designed by the visionary artist, Anne-Francoise Potterat, is a powerful process for discovering inner peace. At the recent Peace Conference in Geneva and then later in Tcherkasy in the Ukraine, where we set up a model of the labyrinth, individuals experienced musing with the mandalas. One woman in Ukraine, who lives in Crimea, expressed the profound sadness she had to be separated from her homeland. Expressing this sadness and anger allowed her to move on and find her own sense of compassion and inner peace and then returned to Crimea to share this with others.”
— Rev. Beth Linguri, Founder, Center for Peace

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.12.45 AM“At WIN conference in Rome, September 2015, I was on my way to help at the plenary room when I noticed Anne-Françoise on the floor surrounded by the images! There was something in that room that made me want to stay. So we started to talk and before I knew it, I was seated on the floor! I looked at the images. At first I did not understand what they were representing. There were hypnotic. I could see the details only with peripheral viewing. My gaze was first in the center and then travelled to the sides, just like Anne- Francoise later suggested. I forgot the time and that I was expected elsewhere! There was a peace and calm in this room that I rarely experience! And our contact was instant, like we knew each other for a long time ( maybe we do?).

köp Viagra 200 mg på nätet Back in Lausanne, sharing the mandala workshop with the WIN ladies was another super moment of quiet sisterhood, like when words are futile and the world stop turning! It’s so rare for me to experience that!!! I have a crazy pace and crazy life! And it was so great to do that with Anne-Françoise, Kristin Engvig and her team! Our bound is now even stronger!”
— Andrea Delannoy, Business Manager

http://davisslater.com/ficeryw/2732 chinese american dating culture Doors of Consciousness

http://senslite.com.tw/?alergolog=programma-di-prova-per-opzioni-digitali&d77=9c Each kaleidoscopic mandala is harmoniously conceived in accord with some of the great ancestral and energy medicines that take into consideration the human being in space, the space in human being, the cosmic agreements, and the different elements of the universe based on some of the principles of the Tibetan, Chinese, Shamanic and Universal Schools.

buy forex card online The deep profound goal of each kaleidoscopic mandala is to access different levels of consciousness thus freeing the subtle healing mechanism of body and soul. A kaleidoscopic mandala can therefore have a direct action on the physical dimension as well as the psychic, emotional and spiritual equilibrium of our being.

The balance between the projected informations on the brain and the ones received by the body allows access to another vibrational plane, clear of mental chatter, where self-healing takes place.
— Cornelia Jeannerat, healer

cialis 20 mg 30 tablets http://coconutcharcoalindonesia.com/?decerko=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-steuern-%C3%B6sterreich&427=75 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 7.55.46 AM“… Since Creativity is in the spotlight, “… I brought forth the beauty that lies dormant in the emerald of your essence…”, said Temperance of Alexandro Jodorowsky in the song of the Tarot… This is exactly how I felt when I met Anne-Françoise and her “magical brushes”… Not only she creates extraordinary mandalas that transform, she also captures” the beauty of our essence “, she translates it  into bright colors and puts it into an ” energy picture ” also transformative! What a beautiful meeting!”
— Sophie Biro, beauty lover, dancer and DJ

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