I create Kaleidoscopic Mandalas just for you based on your mission, vision, values,
what you love and aspire to…
Contact me, let’s skype or come by.

Sparkle your home, harmonize your workspace, deepen your breath,
anchor your vision, activate your mission,
simply be with a KaleiStar Made Just For You,  Just For Your Company.

For the amazing International Bridges to Justice, below, Daisies of Hope:
Daisies of Hope 4 IBJ ©AFP

For a masssage paradise in Geneva, Switzerland:

KMS-Massages at Olivia K. - copie

For a private residence in Paris, France:
Contact me to assist you in chosing your KaleiStar.
I can be reached by Skype: annefrancoiselaughter, email or in my studio in Saint-Prex, Switzerland.