Your Home

The kaleidoscopic mandalas, also called KaleiStars, are digital images that listen to your desires, your needs and your space. They are functional. They light your room or hallway. They adorn your window. They shine your wall. They bring colors to your life…

Create a bliss-filled and comforting feeling with a KaleiStar…

See examples

For your living room or dining room


Bliss KaleiStar Interior with Healing for site
Bliss KaleiStar Interior with Dream Coming True for site
Bliss KaleiStar Interior Delightful Miracle
Bliss KaleiStar Interior with SnowMan Aladin
Bliss KaleiStar Interior with triptych-smaller
Bliss KaleiStar with Freedom Flight

For your bedroom

bedroom 3 C

bedroom 3 B
bedroom 3 A
bedroom 1B
bedroom 1

For your relaxing bathroom
bathroom 2
bathroom 1
Bathroom of PEace

For your private moments
Toilet 4 draw Toilet 3 draw Toilet 2 draw Toilet 1 draw

Pour votre cuisine
kitchen 4 site kitchen 4 site 3 kitchen 4 site 2

For your windows
Window B2 Window B1 Window 4 Window 2 Window 1

For your relaxing area to celebrate the depth of your breath, your capacity to focus and manifest …

Personalized Mandala
I enjoy creating a kaleidoscopic mandala just for you by listening to your intentions, your needs and desires, your vision and your mission, what you love and what you aspire to.

KMS-Massages at Olivia K. - copie

Illuminez votre intérieur, votre espace de travail,
permettez à votre respiration de s’approfondir,
ancrez votre vision, énergizer votre mission,
soyez tout simplement entouré d’un KaleiStar crée juste pour Vous, pour votre entreprise, pour votre association.

Contact me to assist you in chosing your KaleiStar.
I can be reached by Skype: annefrancoiselaughter, email or in my studio in Saint-Prex, Switzerland.

Prices are determined by the image, its edition, the type of support-surface and its size.
The time for the impression of the image on the support-surface is between 1 to 2 weeks.

For your furry friend