Anne-Françoise Potterat is an artist since always and an enthusiast for the mystery of life. She holds degrees in Biochemistry from Barnard College/Columbia University, Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts, yoga and Reiki. Parallel to her career as an artist, she taught art and yoga to childAFpictJune2014ren and adults for 14 years. Since March 2010, after two deeply transformative shamanic experiences in 2008 and 2009, she creates visual symphonies she exhibits since 2012. Also entitled Kaleidoscopic Stars – Kaleidoscopic Mandalas – Fields of the Heart – KaleiStars. She deveoloped a series of meditations she shares since 2013. The visual symphonies are the fruits of her quest for the inner oasis of peace. Their intention is to celebrate the human Being in all its authentic and splendid dimensions. Nature, vibrant colors, luminous reflection, small and large daily objects from photographs she takes animate her kaleidoscopic stars.

Born in 1964 in Lausanne, she lived in New York from 1983 until 2011 and in Tehran from 1992 until 1994. In Iran, her scientific and occidental  outlook switched to an animistic one. The sumptuous mosques and magical walks in the Persian landscapes woke up in her a sense of wonder and a sensibility for the omnipresent presence of the Being in the human, of the invisible in the visible. Upon her return to New York in 1994, her desire to deepen her experience with the Being dimension and the inner oasis led her to a variety of practices: sufi, hindu, buddhist; different forms of yoga; alternative healing modalities; tarot; shamanic voyages; Camino del Compostela; icon painting … She is also a professional Tarot reader since always, her father used to read cards every morning at the breakfast table. She now ‘reads’ using the KaleiStars.

The detailed “I” version

From 1983 to 1987, I study biochemistry at Barnard College in New York, drawing molecules of the human body and its metabolized substances. I continue my studies in medical school followed by sociology and anthropology in the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Back in New York in 1988, I devote myself fully to Fine Arts and study at the School of Visual Arts.

In Iran, from 1992 to 1994, my art shifts from a conceptual stance to an animistic one. The aggressive colors metamorphose into colors of vibrancy and poetry.

Living close to the Twin Towers, I undergo after September 11, 2001, an immediate and surprising rupture with oil paint and the traditional canvas. During the following months, I paint with covered eyes using my fingers, inks, oil sticks and water-based paint. On the apparent chaos of colors, a white line reveals the silhouette of birds. My creative energy then manifests through different forms in varied situations with numerous materials : icon painting in a monastery, hula hoops, sowing in trains, crochet in waiting rooms, drawing on plane, photography of everything I find beautiful and scintillating. The details of daily life fascinate me: fallen object on the street, reflection of light on the glass, sparkling bubbles of soap on dishes… as well as the intricate details of Nature and its magnificent presence. My creativity also expresses itself in the practice and teaching of yoga, relaxation, meditation and Reiki.

Kaleidoscopic mandalas … magnetic fields of the heart.

The kaleidoscopic mandalas are the delicious and harmonious fruits of the union between the artist and the shamanic yogi in me. The first ones were made in 1996 followed by a hiatus of fourteen years. March 2010 was their determined comeback.

Union of the disparate parts into a harmonious colorful dance of the ONE.

They are composed of a multitude of images I meticulously extract from my photographs. Intuition and intention arrange them on a blank window. The great becomes small, the small big, the mundane sacred…

The camera records the marvels I see, the world is my palette, the stylus my paintbrush, the luminous images the paint, the computer my canvas. I delight in the digital dimension of the artwork and its birth in a parallel universe. The artwork can then materialize on different supports and in a variety of sizes. Everything is possible.

The yogis claim we are sitting on gold. Socrates proposes: “Know Thyself, you will know the Universe and the Gods.”

The desire to discover the gold within, the desire to know the I AM Truth and the desire to be in alignment with the Essence of Being are the driving purposeful force behind the making of the kaleidoscopic mandalas.


1964 – 1975 Lausanne
1975 – 1982 Geneva
1983 – 2011 New York
1987-1988 Lausanne
1992 – 1994 Tehran
2011 – 2013 Morges
2013 – 2017 Saint-Prex